Thursday, February 4, 2010

Educational Aims

Ronalds Doll notes that educational aims should address the intellectual or cognitive, the social personal or affective, and productive.

  1. Aims dealing with the intellectual dimension focus on the acquisition and comprehension of knowledge, problem-solving, skills and various level and methods of thinking.

  2. Aims int he social-personal dimension are concerned with person to society, person to person, and person to self interaction. These aims also subsume the emotional and psychological aspects of individuals and their adaptive aspects with regard to home, family, church, and local community.

  3. Aims relating to the productive dimension of schooling center on those aspects of education that allow the individual to function in the home, on the job, and as a citizen and member of the larger society.
To these dimensions, we would add four others:

  1. physical, dealing with the development and maintenance of strong and healthy

  2. aesthetics, dealing with values and appreciation of the arts

  3. moral, dealing with values and behavior that reflect appropriate behavior and belief in the divine and the view of transcendence.

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