Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Approaches to Educational Objectives

Objectives, stated more specifically than goals, are designed to communicate to involved parties- students, teachers, laypersons- the intents of particular actions. However, diverse views exist regarding approachers to curriculum objective.

There are four Approaches to Educational Objectives:

  1. Behavioral Approaches - In the last three decades of the twentieth century, much attention as given to behavioral objectives. Although such objectives were rather new to educational dialogue, the theoretical basis for them was not, it was borrowed from behaviorist learning theory in psychology and from the concept of operationalize in science(by which people operationalize or give a tangible or observable condition to a particular learning or disposition of a human being).

  2. Humanistic Approaches - All educators realize that they are creating curricula for human beings. However, humanists believe that the function of the curriculum is to provide each learner with intrinsically rewarding experiences that will make for more complete living and more authentic lives.

  3. Managerial and System Approaches - The managerial approach and the systems approach are closely related. Thus, they are included to the formulation of objectives. These approaches represent a way of thinking that has its roots in the early scientific movement and behavioral to educational decision making. Both school managers and systems personnel rely on organizational theory and are sensitive to the interrelatedness of the units of departments of the organizations.

  4. Reconceptualism, Radicalism - According to William Pinar, reconceptualism, the movement that was in opposition to the mainstream approach to curriculum thinking and development, has become itself. Certainly, much reconceptualist thought has been woven into current curricularists' thinking, but to suggest that the other approaches, especially when thinking of creating objectives, have been replaced is to deny reality. Most curricula and objectives created for school follow the managerial and systems approaches.

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