Monday, February 1, 2010

Objective of Education

Within the context of educational aims and goals, it is necessary to formulate objectives that will indicate in more specific terms the outcomes of the curriculum of project being considered. Throughout much of our history, objectives have been sated vaguely; they are often confused with goals and aims.

To keep aims, goals, and objectives clearly separated,is is perhaps helpful to remind ourselves that in translating into goals and finally into objectives, we proceed from the very general, couched in a long-term framework, to the more specific, couched in a short-term time sequence. The sequence is illustrated as follows:

Philosophy - Aims - Goals - Objectives

For a particular science program or project, curriculum developers may state a goal such as "improving students' skill in information processing when dealing with science material." Under this foal, they must have a series of more specific objectives. How specific the objectives are will be determined by the philosophies and conceptions educator have regarding curriculum.

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