Sunday, May 8, 2011


Implementation Strategies

7.6 To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of education management, the strategies include strengthening the management system of the MOE by increasing autonomy and decentralising the process of decision making and problem solving, providing greater utilisation of ICT facilities at all levels of management, restructuring the state education departments and district education offices to complement the roles of departments and division at the ministry level, creating a pool of professional education officers at top management level, creating more administrative posts, and strengthening the administrative mechanisms to overcome the shortage of teachers.

7.7 The Blueprint plans to strengthen the management of human resources and development by developing an efficient Human Resource Information system, strengthening ICT training programmes for all personnel towards transforming MOE into a learning organization, and upgrading the education service scheme by providing better incentives and welfare, opportunities for promotion, competitive salaries, and due recognition of additional qualifications.

7.8 The strategies for strengthening the monitoring, inspection, and evaluation system include extending the role of school heads/principals as curriculum leaders and main supervisors on teaching and learning in schools, increasing the number of qualified personnel in the field of inspection, strengthening the implementation of Education High Quality Standard in all educational institutions and a wider dissemination of inspectorate reports.

7.9 The information management and communication system will be strengthened by reorganizing the system of information flow towards a more efficient and effective understanding of policies and information acqusition, creating an integrated and comprehensive information management policy, integrating the various information systems and databases at the MOE, strengthening the dissemination of education information, and expanding the ICT systems and applications for managing information at all levels of the MOE.

7.10 The R&D activities will be strengthened through the identification of areas of education requiring research, revitalizing the mechanism which coordinates R&D activities and disseminates R&D products, providing sufficient allocation for R&D, providing greater access to R&D findings carried out at all public educational institutions, and providing continuous support for R&D activities.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Implementation Strategies

8.8 The Blueprint plans to intensify efforts in the coordination of ICT development in education to ensure greater integration and holistic development. The MOE will expand access to and increase equity in ICT facilities through the provision of sufficient ICT infrastructure and facilities to all levels of education  institutions. ICT integration in teaching and learning will be intensified through the expansion of ICT related subjects in all education institutions, expansion in usage of ICT in teaching and learning for all subjects, and expansion of computerized examination system (On-line Assessment System) at the Malaysia Certificate of Education (SPM) and Malaysia Higher School Certificate (STPM) levels.

8.9 The Blueprint also plans to strengthen ICT knowledge and skill among students by improving ICT based learning methods, enhancing the knowledge and skill of ICT integration in teaching and learning among teachers, increasing the number of courseware development and usage that contains indigenous and international content, and upgrading the basic skill of computer installation and maintenance.

8.10 Management effectiveness and efficiency will be continuously improved by expanding e-management at all levels of education management and increasing knowledge and skills among officers and staff through continuous training. The MOE will also intensify efforts to improve the management and maintenance of ICT tools at all levels of education institutions, and increase bilateral cooperation between educational institutions under MOE with the local community and the private sector in the development of ICT in education.