Saturday, January 1, 2011


Aims for Development

3.1 The development plan for secondary education aims to restructure secondary education from the present structure of 3+2+2 (7 years) to 4+2 (6 years) and revise the integrated Secondary School Curriculum (KBSM) to fit the new structure. The plan also aims to enhance students critical and creative thinking skills; improve acquisition and application of ICT skills; emphasise science and technology; improve mastery of Malays and English language; strengthen the infusion positive values and attitudes in teaching and learning; provide adequate numbers of trained, knowledgeable,and skilled teachers; equip secondary schools with appropriate infrastructure; and provide adequate and quality teaching and learning facilities in line with current developments in ICT.

3.2 The purpose of these aims is to produce students who are knowledgeable and skilful in various fields especially in science, technology and ICT; are proficient in Malay and English languages; have positive attitudes; practise good moral values; are critical and creative possess employability skills; and are prepared for higher learning.

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